Video Booth Option

Get videos as well as photos!

The video booth option is a fun and unique way of capturing your guests at their best! While in the booth, your guests will record a short video for you (usually 10-15 seconds) before they take their pictures. This can be used in place of testimonials, usually reserved for the videographer, which takes valuable time out of their recording. Look forward to watching your guests record messages to congratulate you, give you advice, say thank you, give you “shout outs”, sing to you, or just flat out humiliate and make fools of themselves!

  • Each video session is recorded as a separate video file for you to use however you would like. There are no restrictions or copyrights on these videos, they are all yours!
  • Video Montage: Have these video clips put together for you to create a one of a kind video montage that you can post on Facebook, send and share with your family and friends or put it on YouTube and go viral!
  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture your family and friends enjoying the most important night of your life!

Social Media Option

With our social media option, friends and family can post their photo booth pictures instantly and show everyone how much fun they are having at your reception or event. When your guests are finished taking their pictures inside the booth, they can post them to their Facebook or Twitter accounts using our social media software. Guests can also send the pictures directly to their email account and use them however they would like! Add this option to give your guests a digital copy of their pictures that will last a lifetime!