Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Great question. As with most services, pricing is dependent on a few factors such as date, location, hours of the event, and any extra options. Our standard quote will include usage for up to four hours.
To receive a quote, fill out our contact sheet and we will promptly respond.

Q: What is included in the rental?
A: Each rental includes delivery, set up, and removal of the photo booth. The rental also includes unlimited photos for the duration of the event,  props (hats, boas, sunglasses, etc), a scrapbook if desired, and a professional attendant to assist your guests.

Q: How many pictures do we get at an event?
A: All of our rentals include unlimited photos, so the answer is – as many as you want.

Q: How long does it take to print the pictures?
A: Our photo booth prints pictures within 15 seconds of your last pose. There is hardly a wait for the photographs which is important because guests will be eager to see their pictures!

Q: What is the Video Booth Upgrade option?
A: The Video Booth Upgrade allows your guests to record a short video for you (usually 10-15 seconds) as well as use the booth to take pictures! This acts as a great way to get candid testimonials from all your guests and creates a very fun and memorable collection of videos that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

Q: What is the Social Media Upgrade option?
A: The Social Media Upgrade option allows your guests to upload their pictures directly to their Facebook or Twitter accounts immediately after they are finished in the photo booth! On our iPad that is set up outside of the booth (so that the line can keep on moving) your guests will see their pictures and choose which ones they want to post to their account(s) for everyone to see how much fun they are having at your reception!

Q: Is power required?
A: Yes, a standard 120V electrical outlet is required within a reasonable range of where the booth is set up.

Q: How do I reserve my date?
A: After getting a Classic Carolina Photobooth quote, a deposit of $300 and a signed contract will be required to reserve your date.

Q: What are some of the options I can add to my photo booth rental?
A: You can add a digital copy of all the pictures from your event. We also have a Video Booth Upgrade option where your guests can record a short video for you, just ask us about the details. Along with these there is a new Social Media Upgrade option that allows your guests to post their pictures to their Facebook or Twitter accounts right there at the booth!

Q: What is the size of the photo booth and how much space do you need?
A: The booth itself is approximately 5′ long by 5′ wide and 7′ tall. The actual amount of room that is needed is 15-20 square feet.

Q: Why a scrapbook?
A: We highly recommend a scrapbook for your event. Essentially, your guests are creating a photo guest book for you! The attendant will help your guests put their photo strips into the scrapbook where they will write you a personal note, sign their name, or comment on their pictures. When the event is over the scrapbook is ready for you to take home with you that night!

Q: What is the size of the photo strip?
A: 6″ long x 2″ wide

Q: How do I customize the footer for my photo strips?
A: After booking with us, we will ask you what you would like the footer to say. For example, “Sara & Greg  May 31st, 2010″ as the footer. You also have the option to send any designs or logos that you might have and/or use your wedding colors. All of this is at no extra charge!

Q: How much do you charge for travel?
A: If your event is within the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) there is no travel charge. If it is outside the triangle area the charge is based on a case by case basis as we like to keep the cost of the booth down as much as possible.

Q: Can the Photo Booth be used outside?
A: Yes, with some restrictions. The booth needs to be on a flat surface and near a power outlet. We also request that the booth be under a canopy or tent of some type, but this is not required.